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mixed tapes and mailboxes

mander got me to update my short story since this community has been deader than ..dead. its 508 words compared to her 700 something something.
its not taht great of a story, butmaybe you guys can take the concept and make it hella better. this idea shouldnt be wasted on me.

I don’t get it. How can this girl be on my mind for so long? Yeah, I am standing on her sidewalk again, but I can’t help it. At least I have a goal in life. It’s pretty farfetched but not entirely impossible.
It’s been almost two years since we really saw each other. I moved away after sophomore year and I’m finishing off my high school here. She made different friends and is probably too busy to even think about me, let alone see me. I’ve been standing out here, in this pouring rain, soaking in my pathetic ideas waiting for her to peer out that window of hers. What to say if that ever happened was a mystery. I assume the words would just flow out of me. Until then, I think I’ll be heading home for the night. It’s getting late.
We were friends but not close enough to be brother material. It was just enough to know that I want to learn more about her and what she likes. So today I will start step one. No more me being a sissy. Like the cornball I am, a mixed tape will do. Yes, cliché, I know this, but I’ll put all those 90’s songs in there that I know she likes. I hope they make her smile, because they make me feel warm inside. Her smiles that is, not the 90’s.
I slipped it in her mailbox, and out a postage stamp on it too. I don’t know why I put the stamp on it; the thing is so unnecessary. Next thing on my mind was one of those bottled messages. Even though this wasn’t any deserted island, the effect will still be the same.
The message ended up being so romantic. It was too romantic for others to know. Like those old letters husbands would write to their wives when they were out at war, but this was better. This was something to be proud of. I actually signed my name to it this time, wow! I also asked her out on a date. That made me so nervous that I almost threw up. I am no man, my insides are out, and my outsides are in.
So, it has been two days since I sent those things. No response. None at all. They were so perfect and romantic and all those things that girls talk about so much. I just don’t understand. Its time to crash into my bed and extinguish my failures. Gah, I can’t. she’s so great. Then a tap on the door.
“Yeah mom?”
“Justin, you have a friend over.”
“Ok, I’ll be there in just a second.”
Awesome, at least someone is here to get my mind off things. I hope it’s Bill, he always finds things to do. Whoa! It’s her, and she’s in my house. Good thing I don’t have asthma. Contrary to what I thought earlier, I’m speechless. That often happens when my dreams come true.
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